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They All Went Out In Masks And Gloves (While I Got Diagnosed By A Real Doctor At Home In My PJs).
They All Went Out In Masks And Gloves (While I Got Diagnosed By A Real Doctor At Home In My PJs).
Social Distancing? Keep Your Family Safe With Virtual Doctors — At Home!
Social Distancing? Keep Your Family Safe With Virtual Doctors — At Home!
Now, there is a way you can protect yourself (even if you get sick) — by staying at home. 
It may be the safest way.

And get this… you may not have a choice whether you have the option to leave your house— or not.

Thankfully, you can get the medical care you need with your smartphone, your computer, or your tablet.  
InstaDoc is the wave of the future, and you can get quality care— wherever you are in the world (even if you can’t go out in it)…
InstaDoc Virtual Doctor uses a network of the country’s top physicians. At any time, day or night you can log on to your account to speak with a LIVE doctor over the phone or using video chat. You’ll never need to pay a copay or deductible and you get access to UNLIMITED consultations for you and your family.  
It’s easy to speak with a virtual doctor. 
You’ll get better and safer care, with a lower cost, (ZERO copays), and brand-name prescriptions filled over the phone.

And get this…

You can have a real live doctor in the palm of your hand, anytime, any day…
…even when you’re on lockdown.

There are a variety of telemedicine services you can use if you’re practicing social distancing.

Telemedicine could save your life if officials order you to quarantine yourself.
Your personal information will be safe. 
There is HIPPA-level encryption when you speak to a doctor using a telemedicine app.  

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality always protects your information.

You can get consistent medical care even if you have limited mobility issues.
- " Its Like Having a Doctor at Home 24/7 " -
There is a medical revolution happening right now.
And best of all… you can take your health into your own hands. 
No-contact virtual Doctors are the safest option for you to get treatment and diagnosis.
Over 50 medical conditions can be treated virtually over the phone or on your computer.
More good news.

InstaDoc doctors can offer you an instant diagnosis, create a treatment plan, and send prescriptions to your favorite pharmacy.
In uncertain times like these, InstaDoc is there for you— so you can rest assured.
InstaDoc offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can ask for a refund— no questions asked!
InstaDoc gives you a team of experienced doctors at your fingertips— when you need them most.

Imagine putting on a mask and going out to see a doctor— even if you don’t need to.
Or if you’re practicing social distancing. It doesn’t make sense to go out when you can talk to a doctor from the comfort of your own home.

Give yourself the security of staying safe with doctors-on-demand…
You can help keep your doctors safe…

So your doctors are here to take care of you— when you need them the most.

We’re in the keeping people healthy business— learn more about our team of doctors who are here for you.
The way a healthcare system should be
“In a time where self-driving cars are actually a reality, why are we still using such an outdated health care system? InstaDoc Virtual doctor just makes sense. I can video chat with real doctors, I can get diagnosed when I’m feeling sick, and I can get medicine sent to my pharmacy – all from my InstaDoc app. All with no fees or extra charges.” 
- Patrick Norlins, Florida
 InstaDoc is a must
“Even with good insurance from my work, every hospital trip still costs me $200-$300 for just a basic appointment. With InstaDoc, I can log on using my phone or computer, connect to a doctor, and get the help I need. No copays and no deductibles. In 5 months it’s saved me at least $500.” 
- Cameron Desgardins, Michigan
Convenience and Quality is Key! 
“Any day of the week, at any time, I can speak with a top physician in my area without leaving my home. And honestly the care and compassion I get with the InstaDoc network is better than any hospital or private practice I’ve used.” 
- Mary Underwood, Indiana
My kids are happy and safe with InstaDoc
“I wouldn’t trust just any company with the safety of my kids. I used InstaDoc when Max got sick just one month after my nightmare visit and it was the best medical experience of my life. Between the savings, the convenience, and the premium doctors network, this is the future of health care.” 
- Karen Farrow, California 
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